United Nations Command Security Battalion

United Nations Command Security Battalion


United Nations Command Security Battalion-Joint Security Area secures the Joint Security Area in order to maintain a safe location for Armistice related dialogue.


  • LTC Daniel B. Blankenhorn UNCSB-JSA Battalion Commander LTC Daniel B. Blankenhorn
  • LTC Tae Woo Kim UNCSB-JSA Deputy Battalion Commander LTC Tae Woo Kim
  • CSM Glen D. Hapney Jr UNCSB-JSA Command Sergeant Major Glen D. Hapney Jr
  • CSM Seon Taek Kang UNCSB-JSA ROK Command Sergeant Major CSM Seon Taek Kang


UNSCB-JSA Welcome Letter


The United Nations Command Security Battalion-Joint Security Area was established during the Korean War to provide security and logistical support to United Nations Command elements involved in the ongoing armistice negotiations. The unit was founded on 5 May 1952 and has been Stationed at Panmunjom since that date.

On 20 July 1954, it was awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation for its outstanding performance during Operation Little Switch & Big Switch. By late 1954, the mission of the UNCSB-JSA changed to its present one. This mission includes securing the United Nations Command sector of the Joint Security Area at Panmunjom, conducting counter-infiltration patrols within the unit’s operational area, providing civil affairs administration and security to the village of Taesong-dong inside the DMZ and controlling access into the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission Headquarters Area.

As the most forward deployed unit in the Republic of Korea, the JSA has suffered nine soldiers killed in action against nKPA in and around Panmunjom since the signing of the Armistice Agreement. On 29 August 1967, a nKPA commando force attacked the JSA Base Camp at Camp Kitty Hawk, adjacent to the Joint Security Area, killing two Soldiers and wounding twenty-four others. On 14 April 1968, nKPA ambushed a resupply truck enroute from Camp Kitty Hawk to the Joint Security Area, killing four Soldiers and wounding two more. On 18 August 1976, two JSA Officers were killed during the Axe Murder Incident at Panmunjom. On 23 November 1984, a Soviet Tour Guide dashed across the Military Demarcation Line to freedom pursued by 30 nKPA, a firefight broke out which lasted thirty minutes and resulted in one JSA Soldier killed and two wounded, while the nKPA suffered three killed and five wounded. The soviet defector was protected throughout the firefight.

The JSA has distinguished itself on many operations since the signing of the Armistice Agreement, including Operation Breeches Buoy in December 1968 and Operation Runway in February 1970 (the return of thirty-nine Korean civilians who had been skyjacked while on a Korean Airline flight).

On 22 October 1991, the UNCSB-JSA was awarded the Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation by the President of the Republic of Korea for its success and significant contribution in maintaining a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. The UNCSB-JSA has also earned a total of eight Army Superior Unit Awards for their outstanding service and operational ability.

For 57 years, the Soldiers of the United Nations Command Security Battalion - Joint Security Area have stood at the front line of freedom 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As the most forward-deployed unit on the peninsula, the unit proudly stands face-to-face with the North Korean Peoples Army to preserve the Armistice and help bring about peaceful reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

Contact Information

U.S. Training Room: 315-722-9421

U.S. S1: 314-722-9415

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNCSBOfficial/