USAG Humphreys

Welcome to Camp Humphreys

Modern Garrison Community Nears Completion

This is an exciting time for Eighth Army and the ROK-U.S. Alliance as we move towards a future that ensures we are properly postured to continue our enduring legacy of service here in the Republic of Korea. Many of you are already aware of our ongoing efforts to relocate the majority of our operations to two enduring hubs in the vicinity of the cities of Pyeongtaek and Daegu. These moves will not only improve our readiness as an Alliance, they will also enhance our partnerships within local communities.

To find out more about living and working at Camp Humphreys and in the Pyeongtaek community check out the video above and explore the rest of the site to set you and your family up for success as we make this historic transition!


The large and modern Eighth Army headquarters building is just one example of the many new command centers at Camp Humphreys built with the contemporary warfighter in mind.


Camp Humphreys offers modern contemporary quarters for both single Soldiers and military families. To take a virtual tour of what to expect just click on the link!


An assignment at Camp Humphreys means access to some of the best family resources in the Army. Military families here enjoy a rich experience that's like no other.


Camp Humphreys has an exciting and vibrant assortment of places to relax, shop and have fun. On or off-base, you'll be amazed at the opportunities.

Medical & Dental Clinic

Camp Humphreys offers world-class healthcare to meet most primary and specialty care needs.


With access to the latest warfighting equipment and the largest range in the Pacific, a tour in Korea is a professionally rewarding experience that you will never forget!