Force Protection

Eighth Army Force Protection

We all have a role in protecting the force. If you “See Something, Say Something”.

  • Potential Indicators of a Threat
    • People drawing or measuring important buildings
    • Strangers asking questions about security or building security procedures
    • Cars or trucks left in No Parking Zones in front of important buildings
    • Intruders in secure areas where they are not supposed to be
    • A person wearing clothes that are too big and too hot for the weather
    • Chemical smells or fumes that worry you
    • People asking questions about sensitive information such as building blueprints, security plans, or VIP travel schedules without a right or need to know
    • Purchasing supplies or equipment that can be used to make bombs or weapons or purchasing uniforms without having the proper credentials
  • What to Report
    • When the suspicious activity occurred
    • Where the suspicious activity occurred
    • How many people were involved
    • How many and what type of vehicles were involved
    • The type of suspicious activity
    • A description of what took place
    • Pictures/video if you took any
To Report Suspicious Activity Contact Information
Area 1 DSN 732-7023 COMM 0503-332-7023
Area 2 DSN 738-7318 or 738-7905 COMM 0503-338-7318 or 0503-338-7318
Area 3 DSN 754-6142 COMM 0503-354-6142
Area 4 DSN 768-7607 or 765-8343 COMM 0503-368-7607 or 0503-368-8343
8A Anti-Terrorism Offices Contact Information
Eighth Army DSN 722-8320 COMM 0503-322-8320
1st Signal Brigade DSN 722-0532 COMM 0503-322-0532
2nd Infantry Division DSN 732-6674 COMM 0503-332-6674
19th ESC DSN 768-9100 COMM 0503-368-9100
35th ADA Brigade DSN 784-0640 COMM 0503-384-0640
65th Medical Brigade DSN 732-2599 COMM 0503-332-2599
501st MI Brigade DSN 722-0852 COMM 0503-322-0852