Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity

Eighth Army Equal Opportunity Policy

Eighth Army provides Equal Opportunity and fair treatment for Soldiers (including KATUSA Soldiers), and Family members without regard to race, color, gender (including gender identity), religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, and provides an environment free from unlawful discrimination and offensive behavior.

The Eighth Army Equal Opportunity policy applies 24/7, both on and off post; during duty and non-duty hours; applies to working, living, and recreational environments, and both on and off-post housing.

  • Eighth Army Equal Opportunity Program
    • Equal Opportunity is the right of all persons to participate in, and benefit from programs and activities (for example: career, employment, educational and social) for which they are qualified. Soldiers will be evaluated only on individual merit, fitness, and capability in support of readiness.

  • Equal Opportunity Complaint Options
    • Informal Complaints

    • An informal complaint is best for those issues that can be taken care of informally, or resolved through discussion, problem identification, and clarification of the issues. Informal complaints are not filed in writing and my be resolved directly by the individual, with the help of another unit member, the commander, or other person in the complainant’s chain of command. Informal complaints are not subject to a time suspense.

    • Formal Complaints

    • A formal complaint is one that a complainant files in writing and swears to the accuracy of the information. Formal complaints require specific actions, are subject to timelines, and require documentation of the actions taken.

      An individual files a formal complaint using a DA Form 7279 (Equal Opportunity Complaint Form).

      The complainant must state the EO basis of the complaint (for example, unlawful discrimination based upon race, color, religion, gender (including gender identity), national origin, or sexual orientation, and describe the incident(s) in as much detail as possible to assist in the investigative process).

      Soldiers have 60 calendar days from the date of the alleged incident in which to file a formal complaint. This time limit is established to set reasonable parameters for the inquiry or investigation and resolution of complaints, to include ensuring the availability of witnesses, accurate recollection of events, and timely remedial action.

      The complainant should file his or her complaint with the commander at the lowest echelon of command at which the complainant may be assured of receiving a thorough, expeditious, and unbiased investigation of the allegations.

  • Equal Opportunity Assistance
    • Attempts should always be made to solve the problem at the lowest possible level within an organization and processing of EO complaints through the unit chain of command is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED.

      However, should the complainant feel or should the complaint be against a member of that chain of commauncomfortable in filing a complaint with his/her chain of command, nd, the Soldier can discuss the matter with his/her unit Equal Opportunity Leader (company and battalion-level) or Equal Opportunity Advisor (brigade-level and above).

      Everyone has the right to contact the EO office at any time, and no one may hinder an individual’s right to do so. Supervisors may not engage in reprisal or retaliatory measures against a person for contacting the EO office.

      The easiest way to submit an issue or complaint is to contact your EO Advisor by phone or discuss the matter in person. You may also email the 8A EO office at usarmy.humphreys.8-army.mbx.eo-hotline@army.mil. Should you wish to remain anonymous, you may contact the Eighth Army EO office by the EO Hotline at (DSN) 315-755-2535. All calls will be returned within 24 hours. Please remember that using email is never anonymous as we will know the email address of the sender.

  • Equal Opportunity Resources
    • Eighth Army Equal Opportunity Advisor Phone Numbers

    • Eighth Army Headquarters: 755-0323/0324/8506
    • HHB, Eighth Army: 755-8191
    • 2nd Infantry Division Headquarters: 756-7343
    • 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command: 763-4232
    • 1st Signal Brigade: 756-7028
    • 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade: 784-7877
    • 65th Medical Brigade: 737-1995
    • 501st Military Intelligence Brigade: 755-5628
    • United States Army Garrison Humphreys: 753-6527
    • United States Army Garrison Casey/Yongsan: 730-3098
    • United States Army Garrison Daegu: 765-4041
    • Eighth Army 24-Hour EO Hotline: 755-2535