Outlined below are several resources that will prepare you for success as a member of the Eighth Army team.

8A Blue Book

We are America's premier trained and ready Army unit on the Korean Peninsula. The standards contained in the Bluebook are basic expectations that contribute to the discipline and uniformity expected of all Eighth Army Soldiers and leaders.

Patriot Express Departures

Departing South Korea via Patriot Express at Osan Air Base, South Korea


Cyberspace operations are critical to our nation and the Army mission. Securing cyberspace is a 24/7 responsibility for all members of the Eighth Army team.

Equal Opportunity

Eighth Army provides Equal Opportunity and fair treatment for Soldiers, and Family members without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, and provides an environment free from unlawful discrimination and offensive behavior.

Equal Employment Opportunity

The EEO office formulates policy and provides guidance, direction and support to employees, managers, supervisors, and applicants seeking information on or dealing with equal employment opportunity matters, diversity, sexual harassment, and anti-harassment.

Force Protection

We all have a role in protecting the force. If you “See Something, Say Something”.

Inspector General

The Inspector General serves as a member of the Commander’s personal staff providing advice and counsel on all IG matters pertaining to the state of the command’s economy, efficiency, discipline, morale, training and readiness.

Cultural Opportunities

There are several avenues to experience everything that the Assignment of Choice has to offer. Immediately upon arrival in the Republic of Korea you’ll be offered several options to get out an enjoy the sights.

Off Limits information

To help maintain USFK personnel welfare and safety, the following areas and establishments within the ROK are off-limits. Service members found in an off-limits area or participating in a prohibited activity will be in violation of USFK Regulation.


Eighth Army maintains a "WORLD CLASS " safety program that protects the force and is perceived by its customers as essential to accomplishing daily missions; training; Armistice operations, and actual hostilities.


Sexual assault has no place in the Army. Allegations of sexual assault must be investigated promptly and impartially and resolved expeditiously.