Virtual In-processing

The 19th Human Resources Company at Camp Humphreys has developed a virtual in-processing system. Simply scan the QR code with a mobile device to receive access to most in-processing items. All forms within the virtual in-processing system are adapted to route to the proper email addresses.

If you don’t have a mobile device available, you can go to the Google Drive link here for all the documents:

Scan this QR code with your mobile device:

QR code

Apple Phones

    1. Open Camera
    2. Focus to QR code
    3. See popup and CLICK!

Android Phones

    1. Open Camera
    2. Focus to QR code
    3. See popup and CLICK!

Android Phones *without built in QR SCANNER*

    1. Open Google PLAY
    2. Download QR code scanner (free)
    3. Use QR Code scanner and follow link once QR Code is scanned

You can Access the Link below for your In-Processing experience:

You will find the following items in the 19th HRC virtual in-processing application:

  • Briefs
    • 8th Army Welcome Brief
    • 2ID Welcome Brief
    • USFK Welcome Brief
    • Culture AM Brief
    • Culture PM Brief
    • Housing Brief
    • Noncombatant Evacuations Operations Brief
    • Tricare Brief
  • Forms
    • CIF documents
    • 176th Finance
    • Housing Application
    • USAG Humphreys Lodging Reservation Form
  • Resources
    • 8th Army Blue Book
    • 8th Army Resources
    • Housing Information Sheet
    • In-processing POC list
    • LNO Phone Roster
    • KT/LG Phone Services
    • International Car Rental Information
    • Red Cross Information
    • USAG Humphreys Child and Youth Services (CYS)
  • COVID-19 Education
    • Public Health Alert
    • Facts Sheet
    • Basic Hygiene Procedures
    • Stop the Spread of Germs Tips
    • Best Practices