Medical & Tricare Overseas

Soldiers and Family Members receive medical and dental care in both military treatment facilities and host-nation facilities upon referral from their primary care manager. All eligible patients receive access to high quality health care governed by DoD and TRICARE regulations and guidelines. Access to care has been designed to support active duty dependents to help them obtain care easily, and thus make it possible for active duty members to perform their military service without worrying about health care for their dependents. The priority of care is based on the following categories:

  • Priority 1: Active-duty service members;
  • Priority 2: Active-duty family members who are enrolled in Tricare Prime;
  • Priority 3: Retirees, their family members and survivors who are enrolled in Tricare Prime;
  • Priority 4: Active-duty family members who are not enrolled in Tricare Prime;
  • Priority 5: All other eligible persons.

It is also important to manage expectations, as there are sometimes limited specialty providers. You can generally expect to obtain an appointment for an acute/same day care within 24 hours. Emergency care is available at several nearby hospitals.

  • Open Access - same calendar day
  • Routine - 7 calendar days
  • Wellness (physicals and well woman exams) - 28 calendar days
  • Specialty Care - 28 calendar days
  • Dental Routine - 21 calendar days

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Tricare Interpreter

Navigating Korean hospitals without understanding the language can make things challenging. Feel free to call Tricare's 24/7 language interpretation service at 080-429-0880. Select option 1 and ask for an interpreter.

TRICARE Overseas: Beneficiaries can download the MyCareOverseas App for information and assistance with Host Nation Hospital care and referrals.