Ship your Vehicle

Prep your Vehicle for Shipment

Soldiers must be authorized on their PCS Orders to ship one privately owned vehicle (POV) at government expense. While not recommended, if you intend to ship additional vehicles, these are at your expense and you will need to be authorized by an exception to policy to register more than one SOFA POV. To ship your vehicle overseas, you will need to drop off your vehicle at a Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). To make appointments, learn about shipping, or to track your POV shipment, visit the official PCS My POV.

PCSmyPOV will have the most up-to-date guidance and regulation but here are some things to consider:

  • Maintenance: Change old batteries, tires, oil, and do general car maintenance before shipping.
  • Clean & Wash: Clean the inside and outside of your vehicle very well a day or so before shipping.
  • Photos & Video: Take clear photos and video of each angle of the exterior and interior of your vehicle, and ensure inspection forms at VPC accurately reflect the condition of your vehicle.
  • Gas Tank: Gas tank must be exactly 1/4 full or less when you turn in your vehicle or they will turn away your car.
  • Remove Personal Items: Take out any personal or non- permanent accessories before dropping off your vehicle.

NOTE: Find out what damages the vehicle carrier covers and consider buying comprehensive insurance for transit.

The inspection form is your proof as to the condition of your vehicle prior to shipment. ENSURE THAT IT IS ACCURATE. Don’t feel rushed by inspectors.

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage may or may not be authorized unless specifically stated in orders. Read your orders carefully and ask beforehand if you are unsure of your entitlements.

Shipping and Pick-up

  • Arrive on-time to VPC appointment, complete inspection and associated paperwork.
  • Keep your shipping summary and inspection forms - you will need them to pick-up your vehicle at the overseas VPC.
  • You can track your POV by visiting
  • For POV pickup: visit and click "pickup" tab where you will find information regarding the oversea VPC location.

If you need help, you can call DSN 315-756-8700.