Pets Guide


Pets will be transported from the airport/PAX terminal to Camp Humphreys on the bus with their owners. All pets must remain in their carrier throughout the trip.

Hotel Accommodations:

While staying in lodging you will either have you pet in your room with you, or coordinated for boarding at the pet care center if staying at DHL in Yongsan. Be sure to plan for food, water, and bathroom breaks.

The installations have many walking trails and parks that can make for a great way for Soldiers and families to get out and acclimate. This also serves to get your pet acclimated as well.

Pet care and Kenneling: Dog Town Club and Showroom Grooming 010-4000-9614


SOFA status personnel are required to register each domestic pet in their possession, at the appropriate VTF, within 10 duty days of arrival on the Korean peninsula or upon the acquisition of the pet. They are also required to notify their installation housing office of their pet ownership within the same time frame.

Registration consists of creating a veterinary treatment record DD Form 2343 (Veterinary Health Record) with proof of rabies virus vaccination and proof of microchip implantation (as applicable).

Additional resources concerning domestic pets can be found at: