Medical, Dental & Eye Care

International SOS Number for TRICARE Overseas: 080-429-0880

Medical In-Processing

To ensure your Soldier and family are enrolled in TRICARE to receive healthcare in South Korea:

    1. Your Soldier will need a copy of PCS Orders to complete TRICARE Enrollment forms during in-processing.
    2. Submit all medical and dental records during in-processing.
      TIP: Soldiers and dependents can receive a copy of their medical file once per year from Medical Records.
    3. Medical Briefing during in-processing.

Self-Care at On-Post Pharmacy

Need an over-the-counter medicne for a minor issue? Grab a number at the installation Clinic’s pharmacy and a pharmacist will help take care of you. No appointment needed! (need CAC card to access) (need CAC card to access)

Emergency Room Services & Off-Post Medical Care

Korean Hospitals serve as the emergency medical facilities for the U.S. military communities. Nearly all hospitals have English speaking patient liaisons to assist during any hospital visits. Soldiers and families are provided a local map and contacts in the event of an emergency during in-processing.

Dental Care

  • Keep Dependent Dental Insurance
    • All dependent (adult and pediatric) dental care at the Army Dental Clinic is on a space-available basis. As such, many dependents see local dentists. So, keep or enroll your family in TRICARE Dental insurance to ensure your family has access to care when they need it.

  • Dependent Dental Care
    • On-post: Call the Dental Clinic for availability.
    • Off-post: No referral is needed to use TRICARE insurance for dental treatment (except orthodontics). Ask the dental Clinic or search on Find A Dentist-OCONUS.
  • Dental Sick Call & Emergencies
    • Emergent Dental Need: Dental Clinic during Sick Call hours (e.g. severe tooth pain, chipped tooth, etc.)
    • True Dental Emergency: Dental Clinic (immediate care) (e.g. permanent tooth loss, oral bleeding, mouth swelling)
    • Dental + Medical Emergency: ER or call 911 (e.g. head injury, trouble breathing, nausea/vomiting)

Orthodontic Care

  • Orthodontic treatment
    • Orthodontic treatment at the Dental Clinic is only available on a Space-A basis for Active Duty Soldiers and dependent children. Soldiers and children arriving in South Korea with orthodontic appliances or braces are not guaranteed on-post treatment. (Active Duty Soldiers treated by another military orthodontist are usually approved for on-post care.) Most patients receive off-post referrals to start or continue care at their expense.

      TIP: Learn about your ortho benefits OCONUS (50%) vs. CONUS (25%) in the TRICARE Dental Benefit Booklet.

Eye Care

  • Army Optometry Clinic
    • The Optometry Clinic at Army Health Clinics provides routine eye exams for dependents. However, TRICARE does cover eye exams from qualified overseas optometrists with a primary care referral. If you require additional optometry services aside from those listed below, you may be referred.

    • Bring the following to an eye exam:

    • Current prescription glasses
    • Contact lenses and box (or current prescription)
  • Optometry Services
  • *TRICARE covers glasses/contacts for certain conditions.

    Optometry Services Active Duty Dependents
    Routine Eye Exams Yes Yes
    Provide Glasses Yes No*
    Provide Contacts No No*
  • Contact Lenses
    • To receive a new prescription for contact lenses, you must first schedule an eye exam at the Optometry Clinic where the optometrist will provide you with a set of trial contact lenses. You must return to the Clinic for a follow up appointment to receive your final prescription.

Soldiers, Be Green On MEDPROS!

To ensure your Soldier is medically fit for trainings and deployments, he or she must be “green” (up-to-date) on “MEDPROS” (Medical Protection System). This means your Soldier has the necessary medical equipment (eyewear, etc.) to fulfill his or her job responsibilities.

During in-processing, your Soldier needs to visit the Health Clinic, including Optometry, to receive any necessary medpros.