Housing assignments are determined at the final destination installation based on the military sponsor’s rank and family size. Housing options include low-rise apartments, town houses, duplex homes, and single-family homes that generally range from two to five bedrooms. On and off-post housing in Korea is comparable to or better than housing at military bases throughout the world, and most places in Korea are new construction.

Soldiers with families at USAG-H can expect to stay in hotel lodging until they relocate to permanent housing. Soldiers on an unaccompanied tour can expect to transition to senior living quarters (SLQ) or off-post housing if authorized; after completing in-processing.

During in-processing Soldiers and families will receive a briefing from the Housing Office on the availability of houses on-post based on the following guidance:

    1. Unaccompanied tour: SFC to LTCs are assigned to SLQs if available. If not, the housing office will provide guidance on off-post housing process.

    2. Accompanied (Command-sponsored): When you have orders, the housing office will begin allocating quarters according to your rank. You cannot request off-post housing unless on-post housing is 95% filled. To request off-post housing, you will need an Exception to Policy (ETP) signed by Garrison commander.
    3. Housing availability: If housing is not available on post you will receive guidance from the Installation Housing Office to the approved list of realtors to assist you in finding a home. Many realtors can assist you with finding a home that will fit your needs.
    4. Furniture: If command-sponsored, Housing has almost everything you need for your apartment. You can bring your own furniture; just keep in mind that the apartments are not “American-sized” and there may not be storage rooms for your excess.
    5. More Information: Camp Humphreys Housing Information Sheet
  • Application for Army Family Housing via Email
      1. To apply for family housing send "ALL" the below document to USAG Housing Office to receive your housing availability projection/option to:

        Email: usarmy.humphreys.id-pacific.list.usag-humphreys-housing@army.mil

        Housing Application (DoD Form 1746)
        PCS Orders to Korea
        Pin-Point Orders to Humphreys
        DA Form 31 (Leave) or DA From 137-2 (Installation Clearance)

      2. You will receive an email from the Housing Office within 48 hours letting you know your housing option.