Getting Started

Eighth Army welcomes you South Korea!

It is our sincere pleasure to welcome you into the Land of the Morning Calm family. The 8th Army family is comprised of multiple units and organizations across the Korean peninsula. Being stationed in South Korea offers an exciting place to live, work, and experiences that are second to none.

An overseas PCS can be a unique challenge, even if you have done it before. The 8A Newcomers page, 19th Human Resource Company (19 HRC) and your TASP Sponsor are here to support you and ensure that you have the information and resources you need for a smooth transition to South Korea.

We are proud to be part of exceptional communities committed to serving our Service Members, families, and personnel via programs offered by Army Community Service (ACS), Child & Youth Services, Outdoor Rec, USO, BOSS, FRGs and more.

While moving overseas brings its challenges, I want you to know that 8th Army is here to support you during your PCS and throughout your tour. On behalf of the 8th Army family, welcome to South Korea!

5 Things to Get Started on Right Away

5 Things to Keep in Mind