The attached handbook is designed by 176th Financial Management to provide you with an understanding of military pay entitlements and allowances related to service in The Korean Theater of Operations (KTO) during armistice. It contains a brief explanation of each entitlement or allowance, who is eligible to receive it, and the applicable amount(s). No quick reference handbook can answer all questions for all situations, and this is not the intent. You should direct questions concerning individual situations and unique circumstances to your Unit S1 and/or the 176th Financial Management Support Unit. Contact information for servicing finance detachment is located within the Korea Entitlement handbook.

The presence of an entitlement or allowance in this handbook does not guarantee that every Soldier in the KTO is authorized to receive the entitlement or allowance. To qualify for an entitlement or allowance, each Soldier must meet the criteria governed by the applicable regulation and be able to substantiate with applicable documentation prior to receipt of payment.

Army Emergency Relief (AER ) Visit ACS for info

AER can provide financial assistance to Active Duty Soldiers, retirees, and their spouse and dependents for relocation travel, funerals, car repair, utilities, medical care, etc. Visit AER at ACS for info. Assistance includes:

  • Interest-free loan (monthly repayment required)
  • Grant (no repayment required)
  • Combination of interest-free loan and grant