Civilian Acculturation Program

Civilian Acculturation Program is providing information to our new civilian employees to create a positive first impression of the Eighth Army Family and the Army. It ensures their rapid inclusion within our workforce and the Army Profession by providing them the tools, resources and organizational perspective to grow personally and professionally as members of a team.

  • Supervisor
  • All supervisors are responsible for identifying and maintaining the trained sponsors. Once a selection is returned to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for a Tentative Job Offer (TJO), supervisors can be a sponsor or will immediately assign a sponsor with at least four months of retainability of 8th Army. The supervisor will initiate communication within three days of TJO acceptance and provide an official welcome letter signed by the 8th Army Chief of Staff. Sponsor will also advise the employee that a firm job offer is still contingent upon the completion of all pre-employment requirements and no to make any revocable decisions until employee receives the firm job offer from CPAC (i.e. selling house, quitting job, etc).

  • Sponsor
  • All sponsors will ensure that all sponsorship requirements are fulfilled throughout the onboarding process of the new employees as soon as officially assigned a sponsor. After initial contact with the new employees, sponsors will communicate weekly to ensure that questions are answered or issues are relayed to the chain of command. Sponsors will be responsible to track new employee’s arrival to Korea.

  • New employee
  • Once initial contact was made by supervisor and sponsor, the employees will continue to communicate with them for your status update or any concerns and issues. As relocating to the overseas may bring its challenges, please be aware that 8th Army is here to support you during your PCS and throughout your tour. On behalf of the 8th Army family, welcome to South Korea!

7 Things to Keep in Mind with Your PCS

    1. Storing & Shipping HHG: Individuals who are eligible for Government-funded moves will receive Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Upon receipt of orders, individuals must decide which household goods (HHG) are to be shipped and which are to be placed in non-temporary storage (NTS).
    2. Driving Overseas: For those authorized, know what to expect when shipping your POV overseas. A written test is required for individuals possessing a valid driver's license from any state. Must to successfully pass the test.
    3. Traveling with Pets: Shipment of pets is the responsibility of the pet owner. Payment for transportation, vaccinations, and proper documentation is the responsibility of the pet owner.
    4. Cell Phones, Keeping In Touch & Dialing Instruction: Learn about Korean cell phones & staying in touch with your family while in overseas.
    5. Hotel Reservations: On-post lodging availabilities are limited. Make room reservation as soon as you can. You do not need PCS order to reserve room(s).
    6. CYS & School Registration: Be ahead of the class and start your CYS and school packets now.
    7. Passports & SOFA: Learn which travel documents are required prior to depart your CONUS location you PCS overseas. You will need a copy of PCS Orders along with your passport.

For more information please visit the Directorate of Human Resources Management website at: