Book Lodging Reservation

Those who are informed in writing by the Garrison Housing Office that on-post housing is not available for their rank/grade or command sponsorship status might need to reserve temporary lodging while conducting mandatory inprocessing and working to obtain off-post housing. This situation typically does not apply to unaccompanied Soldiers. If lodging is required, coordinating accommodations should occur directly with the Camp Humphreys Lodge. The reservation must start after any required quarantine period. On-post housing assignments typically fall within two categories:

    1. Single Soldiers/Unaccompanied - (E1-E8, WO1-CW4, and O1-O5 (non CSL/Command slated)) will get a projected room on post in unit barracks or in Senior Leader Quarters (SLQs) from installation housing
    2. E9/O5 CSL (Command Slated), O6 and CW5 - Sponsors will coordinate lodging if the CSL housing is not ready upon arrival.

If you have questions or concerns, contact the 19th Human Resources Company or your sponsor for further instruction and guidance.

19th HRC 24hr Phone
Commercial (Korea): 010-6497-1260
Calling from the US: 011-82-106-497-1260
Front Desk at HRC on Camp Humphreys (0900-1600): DSN: 315-757-2387

For more information about the Camp Humphreys Lodge, visit

If Camp Humphreys Army Lodging is not available, 19th HRC will provide guidance to alternative lodging options. Families cannot stay at off-post hotels during the in-processing period without coordination and from 19th HRC.