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All Soldiers will complete a 5-Day Program of Instruction to in-process to South Korea at the USAG-Humphrey’s One-Stop, Bldg. 6400, conducted by 19 HRC. Soldiers and command-sponsored family members must coordinate lodging accommodations with 19 HRC for the duration of their mandatory in-processing at USAG-Humphreys. Soldiers and Families should plan to spend 5 to 8 days at Camp Humphreys based on the following guidance:

    1. Single Soldiers- (E1-E8, WO1-CW4, and O1-O5 (non CSL/Command slated)) Single soldier with no family, must contact 19 HRC first. All reservations made for these single Soldiers will only be made through 19 HRC and 19 HRC will be the only one to approve their reservation.
    2. Family- Soldiers with family must contact 19 HRC first. If Soldiers DO NOT have a reservation and walk in, Soldiers must ALWAYS contact 19 HRC and 19 HRC will arrange lodging for the family. Families cannot stay at off post hotels during the in-processing period with coordination and permission from 19HRC.
    3. Single Soldiers with pet(s)- Call 19 HRC for reservation requests
    4. E9/O5 CSL (Commanders Slated), O6, and CW5 - Allowed to make reservations directly. If there is no availability at Army Lodging, Soldier must contact 19 HRC for off post lodging.
    5. Single or Family who completed the in-processing with 19 HRC- Allowed to stay at Lodging. If there is no availability, Soldier will be issued a Statement of Non-Availability and we will give a list of off post hotels. Soldiers must verify with the front desk staff that Soldier has completed in-processing with 19 HRC and if they are looking for housing.

All other questions or if not sure which category Soldier is under, always contact 19 HRC for further instructions and guidance.

19 HRC 24hr Phone
DSN: 315-757-2700
Commercial: 0503-357-
International: 011-82-5033-57-2700
Can also Direct Message 19th HRC at

If Camp Humphreys Army Lodging is not available, 19 HRC will provide guidance to alternative lodging options. Families cannot stay at off post hotels during the in-processing period with coordination and permission from 19HRC.

  • After Completing In-Processing
    • Soldiers and command sponsored family members will conduct onward movement to their assigned installation on the 5th day of in-processing. Those personnel with onward movement should make additional lodging reservations based on feedback from their sponsor to their destination installation.

    • Soldiers and command sponsored family member housing options at USAG-H consists of both on or off-post accommodations depending on availability. Soldiers and their families assigned to USAG-Humphreys will remain in the Humphreys Army Lodging until they relocate to family housing or off-post housing.

  • Camp Humphreys Army Lodging
    • The Camp Humphreys Lodge provides quality accommodations and hospitality services with 156 rooms and laundry facilities for service members and families. Guests choose from either a standard room with 1 queen-sized bed or a suite with 1 queen-size bed, a kitchen and living room with a foldout couch. Every guest room has cable television, high-speed wireless internet, and a DVD player. The lodge offers a free continental breakfast everyday from 0630-0930. Special accommodations for pets, room cribs and other needs can be made possible and is best serviced with advance reservations.