Arrival & Customs

If you encounter any issues during travel or upon arrival, you will contact the 19 HRC Front Desk at Camp Humphreys:

DSN: 315-757-2387
Commercial (Korea): 050-3357-2387
Calling from the US: 011-82-503-357-2387

Provide names of all the travelers, nature of issue, and any available means to re-contact you and/or your party members.

  • Patriot Express Arrivals
    • Your primary port of arrival into the Republic of Korea will be The Osan Airbase Passenger terminal located in Area 5 within the city of Pyeongtaek, via Patriot Express operated by Omni Air International and Atlas Air Worldwide. Patriot Express is a USTRANSCOM and Air Mobility Command commercial air contracted service.

    • Arriving passengers will be received USAF personnel and escorted through the immigration, customs process. Arriving personnel will be met by members of 19 HRC that will coordinate and escort during onward movement to USAG-Humphreys for in-processing.

    • If you arrive via SPACE-A travel or other military airlift you are going to be escorted from aircraft to the Osan Passenger Terminal. It is recommended that you coordinate these travel arrangements ahead of time with both 8th Human Resource Company and your sponsor. If you arrive unplanned, utilize a passenger terminal DSN phone and contact 19 HRC at DSN: 757-2387. In extreme off-hours, Osan Airbase does have military lodging at Turumi Lodge, reservations can be made by calling DSN 784-1844. If you’re in Korea, the local number is 0505-784-1844. To call from the states, dial 011-82-505-784-1844 or email us at Anticpate lodging for one night and onward movement will take place the next day to USAG-Humphreys. Do not take a taxi to an off-post hotel without notifying 19 HRC.

    • Arriving to Osan with pets:

    • Pets (dogs and cats) may enter or depart from the Republic of Korea (ROK) aboard PATRIOT EXPRESS missions at the Osan Air Base Terminal.
    • Due to the absence of pet accommodations at Osan Air Base, the Osan Air Base Terminal is unable to accept pets traveling without their owners or a designated representative.
    • Designated representatives traveling with pets on the PATRIOT EXPRESS must possess a “Designation of Representative for Privately-Owned Small Animal” form signed by the pet owner
    • Pets will travel with Soldier and family members onboard the bus, however they must remain inside their cage/crate throughout the trip.
    • Any large pets (typically over 50 pounds) will require the Soldier to make separate coordination with their unit sponsor to pick up the pet as it is likely to no fit in the baggage section of the charter bus.
  • Commercial Arrivals
    • If you arrive by a commercial airline, you will land to Incheon International Airport, located approximately 50km west of Seoul. The following information will assist your arrival and onward movement. There are four main stages to getting through the Incheon airport and the process can last an hour or more, especially if travelling with pets.

    • ICN Airport Terminal
        1. The first stage is travelling from the international gate to the main terminal via the train shuttle.
        2. The second stage is Korean Immigration. You will need the Customs Declaration and Arrival Card you filled out on the plane as well as your passport. Service members only need their leave form (DA31) and ID card ready.
        3. The third stage is the customs area, but you will need to get your luggage first.
        4. The four stage is going through the automatic doors to the main terminal to meet those there to greet you or to make your way over to the Military Reception Desk
    • 1) Pre-Arrival Preparation, on board the aircraft prior to landing, prepare all arrival documents to speed processing through Korean Immigration. Soldiers do not use a passport as they use military ID.

    • Military Personnel (PCS/TDY/Leave) will need the following:
      • Customs Form
      • Valid Military ID Card
      • A copy of your Assignment Orders - PCS Travelers Only
      • TDY travel authorization - TDY Travelers Only
      • Signed/Valid Leave Form DA31 – Leave Travelers
      • Korean Arrival Card - Completely filled out (Passport # = SSN, Occupation = MIL, Purpose of Visit - Business, Address in Korea - 8th HRC, USAG-Humphreys)
      • Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane)
    • Civilian Personnel (DoD Civilians/Family on PCS/Leave/TDY) will need the following items to clear Immigration:
      • Valid Passport
      • Korean Arrival Card - Completely filled out
      • Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane)
    • 2) After Landing and Disembarking the Aircraft / Korean Immigration

      • Signage at ICN Airport
      • After disembarking from the aircraft, follow the signs towards Immigration.
      • Once you arrive at the Immigration area, stand in a line for Non-Korean Citizens.
      • Ensure that you have all of the above documentation completed and readily available.
      • Remove any hats and/or sunglasses you may be wearing.
      • Present required documents to the immigration officer.
      • No-Fee Passports will be stamped with a 30-day tourist visa, unless an A-3 visa already exists. See Passports, SOFA Stamp & A-3 Visa
      • Once immigration is complete, proceed to baggage claim to retrieve your luggage.
    • 3) Baggage Claim / Customs Inspection, Do Not proceed through the Korean Customs station. Instead, turn over the Korean Customs Declaration Card (issued on the Plane) to the USFK Customs Officer.

    • Utilize the USFK Customs inspections areas:

      • Terminal 1: Behind baggage carousel #1 and #23
      • Terminal 2: Behind Carousel #9 and #10 on the East side
      • In most cases, you will have processed through Immigration before your baggage has made it into the baggage claim area.
      • Acquire a wheeled baggage cart (free for use within the airport) to easily transport your baggage throughout the airport.
      • While waiting for your baggage, you may be approached by USFK Reception personnel Korean Service Corp. (KSC) directing you to the appropriate USFK Customs inspection station after you have retrieved your luggage
      • If you are declaring items in your Unaccompanied Baggage and/or Household Goods shipments, you will be required to fill out an additional USFK Form 96-EK form at that time.
      • The Customs Officers may inspect your baggage; please remember to be courteous, as they are doing their job to keep you safe.
    • 4) Arrival Information Families with Pets:

      • Directions
      • Incheon International Airport is the alternate authorized port of entry for pets when the PATRIOT EXPRESS pet capacity is exceeded.
      • Pets traveling without their owner or a designated representative must enter Korea through the Incheon International Airport.
    • 5) Arrival Hall / Onward Transportation, after clearing USFK Customs, proceed into the arrival hall. You will link up with the USFK / 8th Army Joint Military reception desk for transportation. Transportation is pre-coordinated and provided for PCS personnel and families. Do NOT, under any circumstances, take a Korean taxi or other transportation from Incheon International Airport unless it has been cleared through the USFK / 8th Army Joint Reception or 19 HRC Cadre. 19 HRC Cadre will gain accountability of all PCS inbound personnel, and sign your DA-31. All Army PCS Personnel and Families will spend the first 5 to 8 days at Camp Humphreys to complete theater in-processing (some personnel may reside at DHL and commute daily to USAG-Humphreys due to hotel lodging availability).

    • You are looking for the USFK / 8th Army Joint Military Reception Desk located:

      • Terminal 1: In vicinity of Exit 1
      • Terminal 2: you will find uniformed 19 HRC personnel at Exit 6 next to the 7/11.
    • Osan Air Base and Kunsan Air Base:

    • None Army Personnel will utilize the Osan Services bus or the Wolfpack Wheels for onward transportation to their respective installations. Inbound personnel stationed at Osan or Kunsan will be met by their sponsors at the bus terminal. Bus schedules for this service are listed in the transportation section.