15-Day Quarantine

Service members and families will be quarantined for 15 days as long as they strictly abide by the quarantine protocols outlined during in-processing. The principle behind the protocol is isolation to protect individuals and families from exposure and potential infection. If that principle is broken, it may require additional quarantine. Those in quarantine will have contact with the personnel supporting the quarantine facility including regular contact with medical professionals.

Before arrival at the quarantine facility each room is thoroughly disinfected by a trained team in accordance with guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Wi-Fi is available in all quarantine facilities. It is highly recommended that service members and families download messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, KakaoTalk, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc. to facilitate contact with CONUS family members and military sponsors. From a Korean IP address most Netflix programming is available however, other popular streaming services may require use of a VPN and a U.S. IP address to work.

Each room is supplied with disinfectant wipes, hand soap, and trash bags. If any of these supplies are not present or run out during your stay, notify the building support cadre (the CQ) and they will replenish the item. Mops/brooms are available on request from your CQ personnel. When your trash needs to be taken out, call the CQ to notify them, tie off the bag to avoid spills, and set it outside. CQ personnel will pick it up.

Each day while in quarantine you will receive a health check from a medical professional. They will take your temperature and ask you questions looking for possible signs or symptoms of COVID-19. They will also inquire about non-COVID 19 related medical concerns and behavioral health questions and coordinate for follow-on care if required.

Smoking is not permitted in quarantine facilities. Designated smoking areas are identified at each quarantine facility. Nicotine patches are available through 65th Medical Brigade. Please talk to quarantine cadre for further details.

Let the cadre know if you would like to speak with a chaplain or Military and Family Life Counselor (MFLC). They will put you in touch with the right people. Camp Humphreys On-Call Duty Chaplain can be contacted at 010-9496-7445.

For those who wish to participate in religious services while in quarantine, services at Camp Casey and Camp Humphreys are live streamed. Ask the cadre or check the garrison websites or social media for details.

All service members , regardless of status (single, unaccompanied, or accompanied) are provided dining facility (DFAC) meals at no cost (i.e., no payment transacted AND no deduction from BAS entitlement).

Dependent family members have the option to receive government meals from the Warrior Restaurant DFAC that must be paid for or determine and arrange a means to subsist on their own. In either case, the maximum per diem of $14.05 per day is authorized for each dependent. The per diem amount of $14.05 exactly covers the cost of meals from the DFAC. Dependents of E4 or below will receive the discount rate of $10.60 per day. Upon release from quarantine, service members will submit their completed PCS travel voucher to finance (176th FMSU) along with a meal Cash Collection Voucher form to receive the daily per diem of $14.05 during this "quarantine" period.

Personnel with dependents who do not want to receive DFAC meals can order and pay for groceries from the Commissary and cook in their rooms, but must coordinate for delivery through their sponsors. Anyone may also order and pay for delivery from on-post restaurants. All deliveries will be received by the building cadre and then delivered to you. Most rooms will not have cooking utensils and quarantined personnel should work with their sponsors to obtain these items if needed. AAFES Food Delivery @ https://aafesprem.imenu360.com/map/map.html.

Upon arrival to the quarantine facility, ensure to complete the 8A Reimbursement Costs form, statement of understanding for government provided meals and provide a copy to the facility OIC/NCOIC.

Military Dependents, DoD Civilians, contractors, and non-appropriated civilian personnel whom elect to accept government meals will receive a meal cash collection voucher (bill) from the Warrior Restaurant DFAC Manager prior to clearing the facility. Due to the inconvenience of being quarantined, meal payments will be deferred and customers will have 30 days to settle payment with 176th FMSU by providing a copy of a finalized cash collection voucher.

To view forms and information on meals, go to https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/11PI8gI3lCGSG5nRpfrme8ZVQcvi8akGD

Some items to consider packing before you PCS are: hygiene kit, tablet/phone with charger, shower/bath soap, towels, prescription medication, comfortable clothes, dietary items, baby needs and water bottles.

Laundry facilities are available. You can expect to do laundry once during the 15 day quarantine period. The CQ will assist with scheduling.

You will be able to make online orders from the Camp Humphreys Post Exchange (PX) during your stay. Orders will be paid online through the AAFES website (https://www.shopmyexchange.com), and delivered to your room by the CQ staff.