Brigadier General Lee Seung-chan

Brigadier General Lee, Seung-chan
Deputy Commanding General - ROK, Eighth Army

Brigadier General Lee Seung-chan is currently assigned as the Republic of Korea Deputy Commanding General for the U.S. Eighth Army at Camp Humphreys, Republic of Korea.

BG Lee was commissioned as an artillery officer in 1992. His first assignment was as a fire direction officer in the ROK 20th Mechanized Infantry Division. Later on, as a captain, he served as the regiment operation officer and as a battery commander in the ROK 7th Division. He later worked as a K-9 field artillery battalion commander and as an operation staff officer in the 6th Artillery Brigade, counter fire planning officer of the ROK 3rd Army, artillery brigade commander of Capital Mechanized Infantry Division, chief of staff of the ROK 28th Infantry Division, and chief of counter fires branch in the ROK Ground Operations Command (GOC).

After attaining his current rank, BG Lee served as the Commander of the GOC Artillery Brigade, Chief in GOC’s fire support element, and the President of the ROK Army College.

BG Lee’s military education and fellowships include the ROK Army College Regular Course, the Malaysian Command Staff College, and the Marshall German Center for Advanced Security Studies.

His family lives by the philosophy, "Health is the best, humanity is the second, and money and honor are the next."

BG Lee is married and has two children.