The United States is a Pacific nation, with our country's political, economic and security interests ever connected to this dynamic region. On duty in the Asia-Pacific since 1944, Eighth Army's enduring presence has long signaled U.S. resolve to support our regional allies and deterrence to potential adversaries.

Readiness is a top priority in Eighth Army. We must not forget that Korea is not at peace, and Eighth Army remains prepared to "Fight Tonight.” This means we train while maintaining our equipment readiness to the high standards of the U.S. Army. We enhance our Readiness through rotational forces, new capabilities, and innovative ways to fight in this complex environment.

Critical to the success of our mission is the strength of the Alliance. Eighth Army works with our ROK counterparts at an unprecedented level, sharing lessons learned, and combining our formations to achieve a truly lethal partnership. However, it is our relationship with the Korean people that serves as the foundation of the ROK-U.S. Alliance. Our units, Soldiers, and Families ensure this bond grows stronger every day through their behavior and interactions both on and off duty. Their activities directly support the success of our mission on the peninsula. The Good Neighbor Program is one venue that provides every Soldier, Civilian employee and Family member an opportunity to nurture the Alliance.

"Eighth Army is America's Pacific Guardians of Freedom" - Eighth Army today stands ready to defend our national interests and those of our allies whenever called upon. We are the embodiment of our Army's military professionalism and ready to "Fight Tonight."