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The Eighth Army Command Safety Office Program’s mission is to assist units with accomplishing their missions without unnecessary losses of personnel and equipment in order to preserve and protect our combat power. Leaders, NCOs, and Service members will employ the risk management process outlined in applicable risk management doctrine and integrate Risk Management (RM) into all phases of an operation, from the planning phase through the execution phase of all missions. RM is the integration of safety and risk management into all elements associated with Doctrine, Operations, Training, Leadership, Material, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTLMPF). We can manage risks more effectively through RM, which blends tactical, threat-based risks with accidental, hazard-based risks to create a more thorough evaluation of possible hazards associated with the mission. RM is accomplished through the application of sound risk management procedures by leaders and individuals at all levels. The RM process identifies the optimum course of action (COA) to mitigate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level. RM is critical for all operations, whether for training, planned missions, tactical exercises, or daily operations. The Command Safety Office staff provides guidance and assistance, safety evaluations, and recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries. Additionally, the safety staff provides safety training classes for safety-related programs.


A "WORLD CLASS " safety program is in place that protects the force and is perceived by its customers as essential to accomplishing daily missions; training; Armistice operations, and actual hostilities.


US Forces Korea Instruction for Air Quality

Air Quality Index (AQI)/ Yellow Dust

Real-Time Air Quality in aqicn

Real-Time Air Quality in airkorea

Safety Message

2022 Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation (158MB)

Holiday Season Safety Message

Eighth Army Columbus Holiday Safety Message

President's Day Safety Message

Safety Grams

Eighth Army Chuseok Holiday Safety Gram

[Safety ALERT] M2A1 .50 Cal Range Mishap – M2 Barrel Mounted to M2A1

[Fatality ALERT] LMTV Rollover Fatality at RLFC

[Fatality ALERT] Fatality Alert Bradley Fighting Vehicle Rollover

[Safety ALERT] Accident Scene Preservation

[Fatality ALERT] Crane Operations

[Fatality ALERT] Heat Illness While Training in Heat Categories 4 and 5

[Fatality ALERT] Failure to follow procedures - Failure to enforce standards

Command Safety

AK Reg 385-10 Eighth Army Safety Program

Basic Hygiene to Protect Yourself and Family Member

Road Conditions Matrix