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The Common Faculty Development - Instructor Course

CFD-IC is a ten-day/80 hour course designed for new faculty (e.g. instructors, trainers, facilitators). It is a competency-based course, meaning the learning objectives are based on internationally recognized instructor competencies (ibstipi). The course prepares them to teach, train, and facilitate learning in an adult learning environment. It introduces new instructors to Army instructor roles and responsibilities, teaching and learning models, and professional and ethical requirements.

The course also introduces new instructors to classroom management techniques, the process for building learning objectives and lesson plans, and effective communication techniques. Throughout the course, new instructors will have an opportunity to practice teaching, working from short, simple practicum exercises to increasingly longer and more complex, culminating in an end of course lesson presentation.

The first half of the course focuses on characteristics of effective instructors, self-awareness of differences in teaching style preference, awareness of differences in learner style preferences, and fundamentals of teaching and learning as they apply to adults. The second week focuses more on application of those fundamentals in various teaching and learning practicums, with both instructor, peer, and self-assessment in a collaborative learning environment. The summative assessment will occur at the end of the course and consist of an individual 50-minute practicum.


  • Announcements
    • Students must have a valid reservation in ATRRS, there no standbys (Walk-Ons) for either course. Reservations must be made a minimum of a week prior to the course start dates.
    • Maximum student capacity for CFD-IC is 6 with a minimum of 4 to start the course.
    • CFD-IC is scheduled primarily for newly assigned NCO Academy Cadre. Additional slots are offered to outside units as a courtesy. Priority for reservations will go to NCO Academy Cadre filling Instructor Positions, then by qualification.
    • If lodging accommodations are required students not assigned to the NCO Academy must coordinate with their unit POCs in order to secure temporary lodging.
    • Administrative Instructions:

    • Course Dates: See ITC Class Dates FY 20/FY21
    • Reporting Uniform: APFU for weigh IAW AR 600-9.
    • Location: 8th Army Wightman NCOA Height/Weight screening, Building 6120, Room 1232 (Second Floor), USAG Humphreys
    • Class runs daily from 0900-1700. The uniform is duty uniform for all Military personnel and casual business attire for DA Civilians and DoD Contractors
  • CFD-IC Prerequisites
    • Assignment or pending assignment as a instructor/facilitator.
    • Military must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9.
    • Military must pass most recent APFT.
    • Position Description for Civilians
  • Required Paperwork
    • Soldier Record Brief
    • DA Form 705, with height and weight data
    • DA Form 5500/5501, if applicable
    • TASS Pre-execution Checklist

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Contact Information

Primary Contact for Enrollment: SFC Yun S. Song, (315) 756-3509

CFD-IC Instructor: SSG James S. Brewer and SSG Steven D. Foster