Eighth Army Directorate of Human Resources Management (DHRM)


Welcome to the Directorate of Human Resources Management (DHRM). Our staff is composed of United States (US) and Korean National (KN) Civilian employees. We are committed to establishing personnel policies, providing policy guidance and interpretation. Our commitment enables serviced organizations and commands to employ and maintain an excellent civilian workforce across United States Forces Korea (USFK). DHRM is dedicated to providing outstanding human resources leadership; through innovative guidance and problem solving—advancing in the transformation of civilian personnel and human capital planning.


To provide human resources policy and guidance to sustain our US and KN Civilians workforce for paramount performance. DHRM formulates policies for KN Programs across all United States Forces Korea (USFK) throughout the Korean Peninsula. We serve as the key component as a USFK Representative on all KN workforce matters, working directly with Government Officials of the Republic of Korea. Our mission is sustaining the expertise, knowledge, and experience essential for maximizing contributions of the civilian workforce to Eighth Army and USFK’s mission


To serve with integrity while leading the way as civilian human resource experts in our profession. Fostering a visual reflection of leadership, competency, accountability, and superior service to customers across all servicing communities.