1st Signal Brigade

1st Signal Brigade

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U.S. Army Communications Information Systems Activity, Pacific

The United States Army Communication Information Systems Activity, Pacific (USACISA-P) is a re-designation of Joint Communication Information Systems Activity (JCISA) as of 1 October 2010 at United States Army Garrison Yongsan, Republic of Korea. The directorate was established in 1973 based on the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff directive published in the Joint Publication 6.0 as JCISA. Under United States Forces Korea (USFK) J6 Assistant Chief of Staff, JCISA was designated as J64 in 2005. In November 2011, USFK EFO 08-32 and 8A OPORD 61-09 transferred USACISA-P mission to the 1st Signal Brigade.

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United States Army Communications Information Systems Activity-Pacific operates, maintains and defends the mission network for United Nations Command, Combined Forces Command and United States Forces Korea to ensure C4IM service capabilities enabling mission command of forces within the Korea Theater of Operation.

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Enterprise Service Help Desk: DSN (315) 723-8827

CENTRIX/SWAN-K Customer Service Help Desk: DSN (315) 723-8827

Chief of Operations: DSN (315) 756-1535