Camp Walker (Daegu) Activities and Services

       Sunday Services Location

0900 Catholic Mass                                                       Chapel Sanctuary

1100 Collective Protestant Service                              Chapel Sanctuary

1230 Multi Cultural Gospel Service                             Chapel Sanctuary

1700 Contemporary Worship Service                         Chapel Sanctuary

         Sunday Religious Activities

0930 Adult Bible Study                                                  Chapel Annex

1120 Children Sunday School                                       Fellowship Hall
1500 AWANA Child and Youth Service


0630 Bible and Bagels                                                    Chapel Annex

1000 KWOC                                                                     Fellowship Hall

1830 Choir Rehearsal (Protestant)                                Fellowship Hall


0930 PWOC                                                                     Fellowship Hall

1800 Area IV Youth Ministry                                          Chapel Annex

1830 PWOC                                                                     Fellowship Hall
1900 MCGS Bible Study                                                Chapel Sanctuary


1800 Choir Rehearsal (Gospel)                                     Chapel Sanctuary

1830 Choir Rehearsal (Catholic)                                   Fellowship Hall

0745 Men of Morning Calm (1st Sat)                            Chapel Annex

1100 Knights of Columbus (2nd Sat)                           Chapel Annex

Camp Carroll (Waegwan)

        Sunday Services Location

1000 Collective Protestant Service                                     Chapel Sanctuary

1300 Catholic Mass                                                              Chapel Sanctuary

Daily Mass: Mon thru Thu at 1200                                      Chapel Sanctuary


1800 KATUSA Bible Study                                                   Chapel Annex


1800 Bible Study                                                                   Chapel Annex


1000 Korean Women of the Chapel                                    Chapel Annex
1900 Latter-day Saints (LDS)                                              Chapel Annex


DSN 763-2215

Emergency: 010-9374-9917



10 Reasons Why to See a Chaplain

SPIRITUAL HELP: Nothing is more central to your Chaplains’ work than assisting people in their relationship with God. We have skills and knowledge that can be of assistance to you in understanding your relationship with God.

DECISIONS: The big decisions of life are so important that they need to be talked about and prayed about. God never intended that we should make these decisions alone. Your Chaplains can possibly point out additional dimensions of the decision to be made that had not been considered. We are ready to discuss your difficult decisions in an atmosphere of confidence and friendship and to pray with you for God’s guidance.

PRESSURE: Your Chaplains can help you ease the inner pressure and frustrations that your duties and / or separation adjustments may bring. We can also offer advice and alternatives of which you may not have been aware.

PROBLEMS: There are times when we need someone to talk to about life and its consequences, guilt that we carry, or just things that are ‘bugging us.’ We will hear you in a non-judgmental and confidential atmosphere, and will stand ready to pray with you regarding your situation.

WEDDINGS: Weddings are considered acts of worship by the Chaplains and as such have spiritual and religious meaning for the participants. Preparation is most important for this special service so it is necessary to contact us at least 12 weeks prior to the planned date of your wedding to allow time for pre-marital counseling.

BIRTHS: When a baby is born your Chaplains would like to call when the mother is still at the hospital. The visit could also be a time to begin planning for the new child’s baptism, christening or dedication. We will not know about the birth unless you inform us.

MARRIAGE PROBLEMS: When a marriage falls on hard times couples often do not seek help until it is too late. Your Chaplains are trained in marriage counseling and can help you to work through your problems or guide you to other sources of professional help.

HOSPITALIZATION: Let your Chaplains know if you or a member of your family is admitted to the hospital. We would like to bring the comfort of God’s word and love to your hospital room, especially prior to surgery.

DEATH: When death comes to a member of the family, to a close friend, to someone you love, or to a comrade in arms your Chaplains can offer you comfort, help you to work through your grief, and also help you in your faith.

DRUG & ALCOHOL ABUSE: Your Chaplains are trained in many areas of counseling, to include Drug / Alcohol related problems, and stand ready to assist you in dealing with these problems. We can direct you to sources of help as well.