Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members transferring from one installation on the Korean Peninsula to another will need to re-register their privately owned vehicle at their new installation. To help guide you on your way we have provided a 3-step process that you will need to follow to make sure you are ready to go once you arrive.

Transferring a POV from another Area

Step 1: Visit your current DBIDS/Vehicle Registration Office (VRO) to out-process. Make sure they annotate “Transferred to USAG Humphreys” on your USFK 207 & USFK 32EK registration forms.

DBIDS registration decals will expire 10-working days after de-registration. All traffic fines must be settled before transfer of the vehicle is approved.

Step 2: Within 10-working days, re-register your vehicle with the off-post Pyeongtaek DMV. Make sure you present all documents your losing VRO provided to you. The DMV will transfer your vehicle, register it to Pyeongtaek, and issue a new ROK Vehicle Registration document.

ROK vehicle registration services are not available at USAG Humphreys Strip Map and GPS information for the DMV is available in Bldg. 544 (One-Stop)

Step 3: Visit the Camp Humphreys DBIDS/VRO Office located in the One-Stop Building (Bldg. 544) and re-register your vehicle in DBIDS. The VRO registers the sponsor and vehicle in DBIDS and updates registration decal expiration date. DBIDS Registration at USAG Humphreys also includes updating the Sponsor’s new unit of assignment, DEROS, family data and contact information.

Transferring multiple POVs

The Pyeongtaek DMV will initially grant registration/transfer of one (1) POV from the losing Area. Prior to registering additional POV/s in Pyeongtaek/USAG Humphreys, the sponsor must first obtain an approved exception to policy for additional SOFA POV registration from the USAG Humphreys Garrison Commander (IAW USFK Regulation 190-1; Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision) Sponsor’s may obtain a Temporary Vehicle Pass (USFK Form 192EK) for their additional POV/s from the VRO (Bldg. 544 One-Stop) in the event their DBIDS vehicle registration decal expires prior to obtaining an approved exception to policy