Camp Humphreys DoDEA Korea

Families with school-age children arriving in Korea receive a world-class education. From the earliest grade levels through high school graduation, students enrolled at DoDEA Korea schools take part in an exciting blend of academic, social, cultural, and extra-curricular experiences that prepare them for college and career success.

As we make the transition to Camp Humphreys DoDEA Korea is committed to providing the same quality and continuity of education that you are used to. To minimize the impact on parents and students, DoDEA Korea will continue to work closely with U.S. Forces Korea to make sure that you receive the latest updates and how they impact you and your family.

As part of the Transformation several new schools have opened at Camp Humphreys including a middle school, a high school, and an elementary school, with another middle school and elementary school scheduled to open for the 2016-2017 school year.

In further support of 21st Century teaching, leading, and learning DoDEA Korea has plans to build several other schools on the peninsula including Daegu American School, Daegu High School and Osan American Elementary School.

Contact Information

On Base: 738-5922
Off Base: 0503-338-5922
From the US: 011-82-503-338-5922

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