Total Army Sponsorship

Total Army Sponsorship

The Army Sponsorship program is designed to ease the transition from duty assignment to duty assignment.

  • New duty assignment sponsorship begins prior to leaving the old duty station and is usually conducted during the Levy briefing.
  • All soldiers assigned to Korea will be assigned a Sponsor. That individual will not be the person they are replacing and will typically not PCS within 60 days of the soldiers arrival.
  • As part of the sponsorship program you will receive a welcome letter from your new commander and/or sergeant major. Your sponsor will be in touch with you shortly after they've been assigned.
  • It is up to you the level of sponsorship you need.

If you are on orders to Korea and are less than 30 days from PCS and have not been contacted by your sponsor, contact a Korea Sponsorship Coordinator at:

  • Assigned to Eighth Army DSN from Korea: (315) 755-2703
  • Assigned to 2ID DSN from Korea (315) 732-7173
  • Assigned to 19th ESC DSN from Korea (315) 768-6656, 8570
  • IMCOM Pacific & Garrisons in Area I DSN from Korea (315) 738-3135
  • Area III DSN from Korea (315) 753-3700
  • Area IV DSN from Korea (315) 768-6052


  • When calling a DSN number from the states using a cell phone or an off post phone:
    Please start with the international code 011, the country code 82, the city code 0503, and enter the DSN number. For the DSN number, change the very first "7" of the number to “3”, and then the rest of the numbers stay the same, for instance, 011-82-0503-3XX-XXXX.
  • When calling a DSN number using a Korean cell phone or an off post phone:
    Please change the very first "7" of the DSN number to “3”, and then dial the rest of the numbers, for instance, 0503-3XX-XXXX.