Patriot Express Arrivals

Your primary port of arrival into the Republic of Korea will be The Osan Airbase Passenger terminal located in Area 5 within the city of Pyeongtaek, via Patriot Express operated by Omni Air International and Atlas Air Worldwide. Patriot Express is a USTRANSCOM and Air Mobility Command commercial air contracted service. Patriot Express resumed service to Korea on 5 Apr 2010. Per USFK Reg 55-29, PATRIOT EXPRESS must be used for OCONUS travel unless there is a documented negative critical mission impact.

Arriving passengers will receive a safety brief from a 731st Air Mobility Squadron Movement (AMS) representative before de-planing the aircraft and will be escorted to the passenger holding area where they will receive a Welcome/Immigration/Customs and Processing Brief from representatives of 138th Movement Control Team (MCT). Passengers will then begin the immigration processing, families with small children will have priority.

Once complete, passengers proceed to baggage claim, when all bags are collected, they will advance to customs with their appropriate customs forms. Overall process usually takes 3-4 hours.

138th MCT will have buses ready to transport Soldiers and their families to the replacement center and in-processing station at Camp Humphreys, Korea. (50 minute approximate travel time). Once bus departs Osan, 138th MCT will hand over responsibilities of the passengers to 19th Human Resource Company. 19th HRC will also escort the buses to Camp Humphreys.

Note: Travelers with pets will be identified and placed at the front of the line IOT meet bus timelines. Large pets (over 50 pounds) will require the Soldier to make coordination with their unit sponsor to pick up the pet.

Arrival Information Families with Pets

Pets (dogs and cats may enter or depart from the Republic of Korea (ROK) aboard PATRIOT EXPRESS missions at the Osan Air Base Terminal.

Incheon International Airport is the alternate authorized port of entry for pets when the PATRIOT EXPRESS pet capacity is exceeded.

Due to the absence of pet accommodations at Osan Air Base, the Osan Air Base Terminal is unable to accept pets traveling without their owners or a designated representative.

Pets traveling without their owner or a designated representative must enter Korea through the Incheon International Airport.

Designated representatives traveling with pets on the PATRIOT EXPRESS must possess a “Designation of Representative for Privately-Owned Small Animal” form signed by the pet owner.

Pet owners or designated representatives must comply with all inspection and quarantine procedures. For more information, please consult the USDA or visit

Patriot Express Routes

  • Route A
    • Inbound service to Korea: Seattle-Tacoma to Misawa AB, Japan, to Osan AB, ROK.
    • A. Departs Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
    • B. Arrives Misawa AB Japan.
    • C. Departs Misawa AB Japan.
    • D. Arrives Osan AB, ROK.
  • Route B
    • Inbound service to Korea: Seattle-Tacoma to Yokota AB, Japan, to Osan AB, ROK.
    • A. Departs Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
    • B. Arrives Yokota AB Japan.
    • C. Departs Yokota AB Japan.
    • D. Arrives Osan AB, ROK.
    • E. Departs Osan AB, ROK.