Soldiers with families can expect to stay in hotel lodging until they relocate to permanent housing. Soldiers on an unaccompanied tour can expect to transition to senior living quarters (SLQ) or off-post housing if authorized, after completing in-processing.

Housing assignments are determined at the final destination installation by the military sponsor’s rank and family size. Housing options include low-rise apartments, town houses, duplex homes, and single-family homes that generally range from two to five bedrooms. On and off-post housing in Korea is comparable to or better than housing at military bases throughout the world, and most places in Korea are new construction.

During in-processing, Soldiers will receive a briefing from Housing on the availability of houses on-post.

    1. Unaccompanied tour: SFC-MAJ are assigned to BEQ/BOQ if available. If not, the housing office will provide a statement of non-availability. You will then attend a housing brief and receive a packet to start house hunting off-post.
    2. 2. Accompanied (Command-sponsored): When you have orders, the housing office will begin allocating quarters according to your rank. You cannot request off-post housing unless on-post housing is 95% filled. To request off-post housing, you will need an Exception to Policy (ETP) signed by Garrison commander.
    3. 3. Housing availability: If there are no houses available on post you will be referred to realtors to assist you in finding a home. There are many realtors that can assist you with finding a home that will fit your needs.
    4. 4. Furniture: If command-sponsored, Housing has almost everything you need for your apartment. You can bring your own furniture; just keep in mind that the apartments are not “American-sized” and there may not be storage rooms for your excess.

Personnel who reside off-post must go through a U.S. Forces Korea Approved Licensed Realtor. To obtain contact information for approved licensed realtors in your area please visit your local housing office.