Commercial Arrivals

Your first port of arrival into the Republic of Korea will be at the Incheon International Airport, located approximately 50km west of Seoul. U.S. based air carriers (United and Northwest Airlines) arrive primarily through gates 30-50. Korea based air carriers (Asiana and Korean Air / code-share flights with United and Delta Airlines) arrive primarily through gates 1-26.

After securing your baggage and processing through customs behind baggage carousel #3 or #28 you will want to report to the USFK Joint Reception Desk near Terminal exit #14. There you will be taken by bus to U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys in Pyeongtaek to in-process and report to your final duty station. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI FROM THE AIRPORT! Taking a taxi from the airport can run in the hundreds of dollars, while the USFK bus is free. Below are more specific details for you to breeze through the arrival process and be on your way to your duty station.

Pre-Arrival Preparation (On board the aircraft, prior to landing) Prepare all arrival documents to speed processing through Korean Immigration.

Customs Form

Military Personnel (PCS/TDY/Leave) will need the following items to clear Immigration:

  • 1. A copy of your Assignment Orders - PCS Travelers Only
  • 2. TDY travel authorization - TDY Travelers Only
  • 3. Signed/Valid Leave Form - Ordinary Leave Travelers Only
  • 4. Valid Military ID Card
  • 5. Korean Arrival Card - Completely filled out (Passport # = SSN, Occupation = MIL, Purpose of Visit - Business, Address in Korea - 1RC, Camp Coiner

Civilian Personnel (DoD Civilians/Family on PCS/Leave/TDY) will need the following items to clear Immigration:

  • 1. Valid Passport
  • 2. Korean Arrival Card - Completely filled out

After Landing and Disembarking the Aircraft / Korean Immigration


After disembarking from the aircraft, follow the signs towards Immigration. Once you arrive at the Immigration area, stand in a line for Non-Korean Citizens. Ensure that you have all of the above documentation completed and readily available. Remove any hats and/or sunglasses you may be wearing. Provide the Immigration Officer with the following items:

  • 1. Military ID Card or Passport for Dependents/Civilians
  • 2. PCS Orders (completed unfolded) or other travel documents, if not traveling in a PCS status.
  • 3. Completed Korean Arrival Card.

The Immigration officer will return your Military ID/Passport and PCS Orders/Travel Documents. The Passport, if used, will be stamped with a 30 day tourist visa, unless an A-3 visa already exists.

Upon clearing Korean Immigration, note the location of the baggage claim area for your flight on the boards immediately following Immigration. Proceed down the stairs to the baggage carousel for your flight to retrieve your luggage.

Baggage Claim / Customs Inspection


In most cases you will have processed through Immigration before your baggage has made it into the baggage claim area. Acquire a wheeled baggage cart (free for use within the airport) to easily transport your baggage throughout the airport. While waiting for your baggage you may be approached by USFK Customs Officers and/or USFK Reception personnel directing you to the appropriate USFK Customs inspection station after you have retrieved your luggage.

Do NOT proceed through the Korean Customs station. Instead, head to the USFK Customs inspections area. (Behind baggage carousel #3 and #28)

Complete the USFK Customs declaration. At this time you also need to declare any items that are in your Unaccompanied Baggage and/or Household Goods shipments. Your baggage may be inspected by the Customs Officers. Please remember to be courteous, as they are doing their job to keep you safe.

**This is mandatory for all PCS personnel and is a requirement under the USFK Status of Forces Agreement with Korea**

Arrival Hall / Transportation

After clearing USFK Customs, proceed into the arrival hall. You will be exiting through either Arrival Gates A-B (for code-share flights) or Arrival Gates E-F (for US flights). Proceed through the arrival hall to the far right end. You are looking for the USFK Joint Reception Desk near Terminal Exit 14. At the USFK Joint Reception Desk, report to the attendant personnel at the desk and swipe your DoD/Military ID card at the Self-Service Arrival Kiosk (PCS Personnel Only). The Kiosk will provide you with useful information about your first night in Korea. Wait in the lounge area for the next available bus to Camp Humphreys. All Army PCS Personnel will spend their first night in Camp Humphreys.

If you encounter any difficulty while navigating the airport, seek assistance at the Airport Information Desks where personnel have maps and can guide you on your way.

Do NOT, under any circumstances take a Korean taxi or other transportation from Incheon International Airport unless it has been cleared through the USFK Joint Reception desk first. Korean taxis can run into the hundreds of dollars for travel to U.S. installations, but they will only drop you off at the gate because they are not authorized entry onto U.S. Military installation in Korea.

All accompanied service members, SGM, CW5, and CSL O5 and above are encouraged to make reservations at Humphreys Lodge. All unaccompanied E7, CW4, O5 and below will be provided transient quarters for inprocessing.

Osan Air Base and Kunsan Air Base personnel will utilize the Osan Services bus or the Wolfpack Wheels for onward transportation to their respective installations. Inbound personnel stationed at Osan or Kunsan will be met by their sponsors at the bus terminal.

Bus Schedules:

Osan Air Base

Incheon Airport to Osan Air Base -- $20.00 per person
Leave Incheon - Exit 14A 0830 1000 1430 1600 1830 2000 2230
Arrive Osan AFB 1030 1200 1630 1800 2030 2200 0030
This service is provided seven days a week.
NOTE: A taxi trip to Osan AFB from Incheon International Airport could cost as much as $100 one-way
Osan Air Base Newcomers Information Page

Kunsan Air Base

Incheon Airport to Kunsan Air Base -- $25.00 per person (E-4 and below), $27.50 for E-5 and above [$51.50 for PCS/TDY travel]
Leave Incheon - Exit 14A 0830 1930 2330
Arrive Kunsan AFB 1330 0030 0430
This service is provided seven days a week.
NOTE: A taxi trip to Kunsan AFB from Incheon International Airport could cost as much as $200 one-way
Kunsan Air Base Newcomers Information Page