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Moving to Korea and want to know something about your new assignment on Freedom's Frontier.

If you have a question, send an e-mail to Eighth Army Public Affairs: click here

We will post your question and the response on this page as soon as possible.


A2:  Many families now live in Area I, Camp Casey, Camp Hovey and Camp Red Cloud, as Command Sponsorship becomes a more popular option for those being assigned to Korea.   For more information on Command Sponsorship and Housing in Area I, visit the 2nd Infantry Division website by clicking here and clicking on “Soldiers and Families.”

Q3. I am on orders for Korea and I’m thinking about bringing my family.  Where do I find more information on housing, schools, etc? 

A3:  Bringing your family to Korea normally requires an approved command sponsorship request processed through your gaining unit here in Korea.  To find out more on how to apply for command sponsorship, click here.  To find out more on housing, schools and other information on bringing your family to Korea, click here.

Q4. Is there a shuttle bus provided from Inchon International Airport to the Dragon Hill Lodge?

A4. Yes, for a map of where to catch the shuttle at Incheon International Airport, click here

Q5. I am a single Sergeant First Class on orders to Camp Casey. I would like to know if I am allowed to bring my two small dogs with me?

A5. Although you are welcome to PCS with your pets, they must be authorized on your orders. If traveling with pets, you must fly into Incheon Airport. Pets are not allowed on the bus from the Airport to the Replacement Center in Yongsan, where you will report to upon arrival. We recommend going through your sponsor to arrange transportation. Transporting your pets in and out of the country is at your own expense. For more information on PCSing with pets, click here

Q6.  I am PCS’ing to Korea and would like to check the status of my Command Sponsorship Packet (CSP).  How do I find out where my packet is in the approval process?

A6. When the CSP office receives a CSP request, they assign it a control number. They then forward that number to the CONUS Military Personnel Division (MPD) with the address to the Web site (https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/671823) and the control number to track the status of the case.  If the MPD gives the applying Soldier the tracking information, they can easily log on-line through AKO to see the status of their own case.

Q7. I'm due to report to Camp Casey in September and I wanted to know what items would you recommend I have or I may need to carry with me until I report to my unit, to include personal items I may need till then?

A7. We're glad you're coming to Korea.  Please fill out the "request a sponsor" form: click here. That will allow us to put a sponsor from your gaining unit in direct contact with you to get all of your questions can get answered.

Q8. Is there any way that I can find out the unit that I will be assigned to prior to reporting?

A8. Once it is determined the exact unit where you will be assigned, a sponsor will reach out to you.  Korea is a beautiful place and there are many things to do.  If you have a family, you should consider bringing them to experience all that Korea has to offer.  You can submit for CSP before you arrive or you can submit the paperwork once you arrive.  Either way Korea has much to offer and we are looking forward to you joining the Eighth Army team.

Q9. Can I bring my pet to Korea?

A9. Stringent new pet rules went into effect in December 2012.  Those who have the required documentation have minimal headaches with entry but it can cost owners $200 - 600 or more for each animal they bring into the country if not done properly. For more information, click here


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