Army Sponsorship Program - Korea
  • The Army Sponsorship program is designed to ease the transition from duty assignment to duty assignment. 

  • Participation by the soldier/civilian being sponsored is entirely voluntary.  Soldiers in the rank of E-1 to O-6 and DA Civilians to GS-15 are eligible for sponsors.

  • New duty assignment sponsorship begins prior to leaving the old duty station and is usually conducted during the Levy briefing.

  • All soldiers assigned to Korea will be assigned a Sponsor.  That individual will not be the person they are replacing and will typically not PCS within 60 days of the soldiers arrival.

  • As part of the sponsorship program you will receive a welcome letter from your new commander and/or sergeant major.  Your sponsor will be in touch with you shortly after they've been assigned.

  • It is up to you the level of sponsorship you need.

Newly assigned as a Sponsor?
  • Logon to the Soldier Management System, and complete the training.  Here you will also view the incoming soldiers you have been assigned as a sponsor.  The Sponsorship portion also has links that will provide information for the newly arriving soldier to Korea.

Sponsorship Information Pages / General Information about Korea

Korea -
Before You Arrive
Korea -
What to Expect
Korea -
Education Opportunities
Korea - Facts Korea -
Pay and Entitlements
Korea -
Non-Combatant Evacuation Information
Korea - Pets Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service

Management Activity -
Korea Resident Office

Tricare coverage information (changes for non-command sponsored families/personnel in Korea)