Noncombatant Evacuation Operations

NEO exercise

Courageous Channel is an opportunity for DoD family members and non-emergency essential DOD Civilians to ensure they and their families are prepared in case of an emergency.

It is MANDATORY for all DoD family members and non-emergency essential DoD civilian employees. It is voluntary for U.S. embassy personnel, DoD retirees, contractors and their families. Any other U.S. civilians with base access are also invited to participate.

Your ICAPS mask comes in a yellow sealed box and it's all right to open that box to do your training. However, the sealed canister inside the box must remain sealed.

To learn more about the M52 Joint Service Chemical Environment Survivability Mask, click here.

Noncombatant Checklist

Contact your NEO Warden

Complete NEO packet documents

Register as noncombatant at local EEC



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