Eighth Army

Big 4

Eighth Army

Fitness / Shoot / Buddy Aid / Move

Be Prepared to Aggressively Dominate the Next Challenge!"
Eighth Army Commander Lt. Gen. Bernard S. Champoux

1. PRT: Master Athlete Warrior Fitness as a Team – Equate the physical and mental demands of Combat

2. Marksmanship: Master Slow-Aim Fire Marksmanship Mastery of ballistics (Grouping)

3. Fire & Movement : Master reactions in Battle Drill 2: React to Contact/Ambush – Attack!

4. Buddy Aid Trauma Care: Mastery the application of all IFAK items – Catastrophic First Responder care

*Combining all four to effectively and successfully close-with and destroy any hostile attack while in combined land warfare or wide area security operations in a forward operating base, Mounted patrol, or on a Dis-Mounted patrol. All Soldiers must be able to engage the critical-center-mass(Shot), apply combat fitness focused “fire & movement” skills(move), control enemy and friendly movement w/ weapons rates of fire (communicate), and apply immediate trauma care with the IFAK(Medicate)

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