New Arrival Information

If you are assigned to the 501st MI BDE, you will fly into one of two locations Osan AFB or Inchon International Airport.

Osan AFB:
If arriving into Osan Air Base(AB), the 19th Human Resource Company (HRC) will in-process you and provide transportation to Yongsan Base in Seoul. Family and sponsors are authorized to meet you at Osan AB, but you must take the 19th HRC provided transportation to Seoul. Family members and Sponsors will not be able to accompany you to Seoul because of seating issues.

Incheon Airport:
If arriving at Incheon International Airport (ICN), please make your way through customs and secure your bags. Once you exit the secure area take a right and proceed down to end of the airport block "E" check-in counter. There you will see the 19th Human Resource Company (HRC) in-processing counter at the exit doors of the airport. They will provide transportation and tell you the schedule of the next bus to Yongsan Base, Seoul. Family is authorized to meet you at the airport, but only sponsors can pick you up with a approved memo from the 19th HRC commander. The sponsors must get the authorization memo signed before arriving at the airport.

Most military flights touch down in the Republic during daylight hours.

Military and family members authorized civilian flights usually arrive in the evening.

Do not trust Taxi drivers that tell you that buses are not available.

The buses are spacious and comfortable, which can be important after a long flight. The trip will take approximately 1 hour.

It is highly suggested that Soldiers bring the following:

Alarm clock (Our facilities contain electrical outlets for 110Vs same as the US.)
Uniforms (ACUs/BDUs, IPFUs)
Civilian attire
Running shoes
Personal hygiene kit

If Soldiers are arriving after October, Soldiers must bring their full Improved Physical Fitness Uniform (including gloves and skull cap) and the appropriate winter attire (field jacket or Gortex jacket) in order to accommodate the cold weather. It gets very cold in Korea.

All servicemembers are processed through customs and initial personnel matters at the airport. To make this process easier for soldiers, it is recommended that they hand-carry their 201 file, dental records, leave form and at least 15 copies of their PCS orders.

For smooth processing through the immigration authorities, civilian employees should have a valid multiple entry visa issued by the Korean embassy or consulate. The visa is normally obtained upon presentation of PCS orders to the visa issuing office. Many civilian employees also obtain official passports and the visa may be stamped in it. However, it's often preferrable to get it stamped in the tourist passport. Should the employee or dependents not be able to obtain a multiple entry visa prior to departure, contact the servicing personnel office upon arrival in Korea.