3rd Battlefield Coordination Detachment


The ROK-US Combined Forces Command (CFC) BCD, located at Osan, Korea, is one of five active US Army Battlefield Coordination Detachments (BCDs). The 3rd Battlefield Coordination Detachment - Korea represents the Combined Ground Component Commander (CGCC) and his subordinate commands to the Combined Air Component Commander (CACC).

Korea, "Land of the Morning Calm," is a land of rich history and traditions existing in conjunction with each other. It combines ancient Oriental tradition with modern technology. The 3rd BCD-K is located adjacent to Songtan and Osan City, home to one of the USAF's five major air operations centers, where combined training is the norm between US and South Korean forces. Osan Airbase is located in a section of South Korea known as the western lowlands. Its close proximity to the country's capital and largest city has helped it develop a thriving industry with ski resorts, hot springs, and other natural resources that have been promoted to cater to the city dwellers who want to escape during the weekends. The province of Gyeonggi also has numerous historical sites. One can find traces of its 5,000 year history in its palaces, city gates, and temples, yet the country is also a rapidly developing nation in terms of industry, trade, and commerce. Korean people and culture make Korea "The Assignment of Choice". A must visit website is the 51st Force Support Squadron which provides MWR for personnel stationed at Osan.


The combined 3rd BCD-K represents the Combined Ground Component Commander (CGCC) and the Senior Army Forces Commander (8A) in the Korean Air Operation Center (KAOC) through the establishment of Army Forces (multinational) liaison to the Combined Air Component Commander (CACC) during armistice and war. Synchronize air power with the ground scheme of fire and maneuver to ensure all army operations are supported by coordinated planning and execution of joint fires and other warfighting functions (Mission Command, Maneuver, Intelligence, Fires, Sustainment (Mobility), Protection).


  • Colonel Robert B. Hensley Detachment Commander Colonel Robert B. Hensley
  • Detachment ROK Commander Colonel Kim, Eun-Cheol
  • Sergeant Major Tonio Duanne Childress Detachment Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Tonio Duanne Childress


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