Korea Field Office Criminal Investigation Division Contacts:

South Korea

Korea Field Office (CID) - Camp Coiner, Yongsan

6th MP Group (CID)

Unit 15304

APO AP 96205

E-mail: usarmy.yongsan.6-mp-gp.list.korea-field-office@mail.mil

COM: 82-2-7913-6214/6394

DSN: 315-723-6214

21st Military Police Detachment (CID) - Camp Casey
6th MP Group (CID)

Unit 15115

APO AP 96224-0379

E-mail: mail838@korea.army.mil

COM: 82-2-351-79139-4239

DSN: 315-730-4239


21th Military Police Detachment (CID) - Camp Red Cloud
6th MP Group (CID)

Unit 15115

APO AP 96224-0379

E-mail: mail338@korea.army.mil

COM: 82-2-351-7912-6709

DSN: 315-732-6709


21st Military Police Detachment (CID) - Camp Coiner

6th MP Group (CID)

Unit 15305

APO AP 96205-0078

E-mail: mail038@korea.army.mil

COM: 82-2-7913-4091

DSN: 315-723-4091


20th Military Police Detachment (CID) - Camp Humphreys

6th MP Group (CID)


APO AP 96271
E-mail: mail138@korea.army.mil

COM: 82-0505-753-4091

DSN: 315-753-4091


20th Military Police Detachment (CID) - Camp Henry

6th MP Group (CID)

Unit 15020

APO AP 96218-5020
E-mail: mail438@korea.army.mil

COM: 82-0505-768-8199

DSN: 315-768-8199

20th Military Police Detachment (CID) - Camp Carroll

6th MP Group (CID)

Unit 15385

APO AP 96260-5385
E-mail: mail538@korea.army.mil

COM: 82-0505-765-7442

DSN: 315-765-7442

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Hawaii CID Field Office - Schofield Barracks

6th MP Group (CID)
Lyman Road
Bldg 3026

E-mail: hicid108@schofield.army.mil

COM: 808-655-0401

DSN: 455-0401



Japan CID Office

6th MP Group (CID)

APO AP 96343-0080

E-mail: mail018@zama.army.mil

COM: 001-81-90-6135-8114

DSN: 263-5637


102nd Military Police Detachment (CID)

6th MP Group (CID)

Building 220 Unit 35139

APO AP 96376-5139

E-mail: mail028@okinawa.army.mil

COM: 011-81-611-744-4485

DSN: 644-4485

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